Sound Event

Sound and technical services for events

Professional sound for corporate events, festivals, private parties, product launches and concerts.

We provide our professional range of equipment for the sound event. You will find Event Technology sound systems, speakers, mixers, subwoofer, microphones, lavalier, DJ console, CD player, rack effects, equlizer, splitters, recorders, etc.

Even if your equipment request do not appear in the list of equipment presentation please call or request a quote for the type of system sound you want, our site haven’t been  updated.

Sistem de sonorizare pentru 100 mp2x boxe + stative + mixer + 1 microfon mobil + conectica
Sistem de sonorizare pentru 200 mp2x boxe + stative + mixer + 1 microfon mobil + conectica
Sistem de sonorizare pentru 300 mp3x boxe+stative+mixer+1 microfon mobil+conectica
Sistem de sonorizare pentru 400 mp4x boxe+stative+mixer+1 microfon mobil+conectica
Sistem de sonorizare + DJconectica
Sistem de sonorizare + DJ+sistem luminiconectica
Boxa activa 450 Wboxa + stativ + conectica
Boxa activa 750 Wboxa + statix + conectica
Boxa activa Wirelles 100 wBoxa + Stativ + Reciver G3 Sennhaiser ( 4-6 ore autonomie )
Boxa 200 Wboxa+statix+samplificator+conectica
Subwoofer activ 4 kwconectica
Subwoofer activ 1 KWconectica
Subwoofer activ 800 W
Mixer audio 36 canale Digital conectica
Mixer audio 24 canale(pentru sonorizari formatii) + conectica
Mixer audio 20 canale conectica
Mixer audio 16 canale conectica
Mixer audio 14 canaleconectica
Mixer audio 12 canaleconectica
Mixer audio 10 canaleconectica
Mixer audio 8 canaleconectica
Mixer audio 6 canaleconectica
Mixer audio 4 canaleconectica
Microfon fix de manastativ + conectica
Microfon gat de lebada dinamic
Microfon condensator 48 V
Microfon gat de lebada 48 V
Microfon fixpush to talk/sistem discutie conectica analogic ( pana in 20 buc /zi )
Centrala microfon fix push to talk
Extensie mic fix push talk)
Microfon fixpush to talk / sistem discutie conectica analogic ( peste 20 buc /zi max 50 )
Microfon SM 58trepied + conectica
Microfon mobil SM 58baterie + conectica
Microfon Mobil SennheiserFrecventa Fixa
Microfon mobil Sennheiser G3/G2stativ + conectica + baterie
Microfon mobil / head set / lavaliera suplimentar Sennheiser G3 / G2stativ + conectica + baterie
Sistem transmisie wireless audio pentru camera video transmitator , receptor
Sistem transmisie wireless audio pt microfaone fixeSKP, receptor
Sistem Amplicare RF Microfoane Mobile2 x antena, 6 x cablu coax 1m, 2 x cablu coax 20 m, Splitter RF
MD player recorderfara consumabile + conectica
CD playerconectica
Consola DJ 2 x CDJ 1000MK3 + DJM 800
Consola DJ CMX3000 + Mixer 2 Ch
CD player CDJ 1000conectica
CD recorderfara consumabile + conectica
Casetofon player recorderfara consumabile + conectica
Rack efectecompresoare + limitatoare + procesoare voce + efecte voce
DI pentru Laptop / separator galvanic
Efect pentru voce
Audio Balun
Procesor sunet / Intarziere sunet
Splitter audio / separator brum
Tascam CF Recorder / Player
DI pentru instrumente
Compresor / Limitator audio
Press Boxconectica

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Posted on

29 July 2015

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