Video Mapping

Video projection technology that can turn different objects in a display area. Professional Projectors

Video Mapping is a new and challenging environment that combines project images onto objects or buildings with optical illusion magic. A video mapping show creates a unique experience through visual interaction, the latter having a fantastic viral potential.
Video mapping or video mapping is a real art to transpose and suggest ideas that you want promoted using large images or 3D imaging games. Video mapping basically playing with your mind, creating optical illusions projected onto the surfaces of objects and buildings.

What is actually video mapping?

The video projection technology that can turn different objects in a display area. With professional projectors and specialized software can turn any object or space in an interactive virtual environment.
This service is used mainly in new product launches, or by electronic music artists. Video Mapping is basically an advertising campaign that uses mapping techniques and introduce auditor in the world created for the product that you want now, the impact is much stronger than the normal advertising campaign.
Event Technology will put at your disposal professional equipment needed in the event include the presentation through video mapping or video mapping, including specialists who will assist you to be a successful event guarantee.
Specialized projects into production video mapping events Event Technology: Panasonic, Barco, Christie


Video Services

Production and video editing.
Dedicated video design.

Professional Audio

Sound Solutions for indoor or outdoor locations.

Video Mapping

Projections and optical illusions of the surfaces and buildings mapped.

Conference Systems

System conferences solutions for congresses and events.

Rental event equipment

Rent complete solution of conference systems or just individual devices.


Staging and stage rental service for events

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation complete solution

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