Audio Professional

Sound Solutions for indoor and outdoor events

Audios and sound systems for events

Event Technology offers you complete solutions for equipping your location. We have extensive experience accumulated over the years, audio equipment locations of our customers, be it cafes, restaurants, clubs, concert halls or conference rooms, get what each customer wants.

Event Technology has sound from the latest systems, digital audio, wireless speakers, microphones fixed, mobile, head-set, lavaliere microphones digital discussion systems (DCN latest discussion system) … etc.

We have professional equipment for outdoor and indoor concerts with an audience of 8000 people.

Sound equipment services include:

  • directional audio system with an output of up to 35,000 watts
  • Speaker
  • amplifiers
  • Microphones
  • Technical staff: sound technician, DJ

Rent professional speakers and racks of amplifiers, mixers (Crest, Soundcraft) microphones. The microphones are in a wide range, but indispensable conferences or simultaneous translation.

Video Services

Production and video editing.
Dedicated video design.

Professional Audio

Sound Solutions for indoor or outdoor locations.

Video Mapping

Projections and optical illusions of the surfaces and buildings mapped.

Conference Systems

System conferences solutions for congresses and events.

Rental event equipment

Rent complete solution of conference systems or just individual devices.


Staging and stage rental service for events

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation complete solution

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